Penelope Harrall



Born in 1994, Penelope is a graduate from Cambridge School of Art with a First Class BA(hons) in Fine Art with a passion for ‘Live Art’.

Penelope Harrall primarily uses Performance and Video Art as a platform to communicate views on social and political issues. Never using traditional material as means of creating her artwork -Tampons, Sanitary pads, plastic Bags, Sweets - by dislocating these objects the pieces become a playful take on sculpture intertwining with performance. Harrall endeavours to bring art to everyone, it is her belief that Art is an essential way of bringing people and communities together that would not necessarily connect if it were not for Art. With a desire to allure and disrupt the audience simultaneously Harrall uses and emphasises her own body, a reoccurring motif throughout, whether it be obviously present or not, her body acts like a signature for her work. Exploring the possibilities of the body she addresses the desirabilityof the female form, the objectification we witness everyday in the media and the humiliation we have all felt due to our 'imperfections'. By using her own imperfections she not only over comes them but also ‘normalises’ this idea of a naked female form and desexualising a naked body.

Past Exhibitions: 

  • 2019 VeniceLands ArtPrize, Treviso Italy, Finalist and Exhibiting Artist
  • 2018 Word of Warnings, Emergency - Z-Arts, Manchester, Exhibiting Artist
  • 2018 Arts for Education, Blue Dot Generation - House of Vans, London, Exhibiting Artist
  • 2017 Modern Panic VIII -Apiary Studios, Hackney, Exhibiting Artist
  • 2016 Not A Champagne Life - Hundred Years Gallery, London Exhibiting Artist
  • 2016 Wash Your Dirty Linen in Public - Peterborough Gallery Exhibiting Artist & co-curator
  • 2015 Wonderland - Solstice, Peterborough Exhibiting Artist
  • 2015 Cambridge School of Art Degree Show - Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge Exhibiting Artist
  • 2015 Flux - Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge Exhibiting Artist
  • 2015 A Body of Art - Changing Spaces Gallery, Cambridge Exhibiting Artist & Curator 
  • 2014 Efflorescence - Cambridge Botanical Gardens Exhibiting Artist
  • 2014 Contingency - Changing Spaces Gallery, Cambridge Exhibiting Artist
  • 2012 Initium - Changing Spaces Gallery, Cambridge Exhibiting Artist


  • VeniceLands ArtPrize Finalist & 3rd place in the Public Vote for My Luxury Item
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