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Arts for Education Press Release

The Arts for Education

Blue Dot Generation presents ‘The Arts for Education’ at House of Vans. This is a unique 4-day immersive event of art, photography, performances, documentaries, panel discussions, sport, fashion, workshops and music, aimed at educating us all on the damage we are doing to the oceans. This event is an opportunity for old, young, green and non-green audiences to engage and find their own connection to the planet through creative education.

Blue Dot Generation is a sustainability platform promoting the use of the arts for education. By engaging local communities and inspiring international audiences it will transform the relationship between humans and the blue planet.Blue Dot Generation brings together artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who are exploring solutions to the problems our planet is facing.

Science and art are both human efforts to understand, explore and describe the world around us, to communicate and share a vision of the world in different ways. Blue Dot Generation aims to harness these powers to educate and engage communities and inspire a change in how we treat the planet.

Our venue, House of Vans, is where “Off the Wall” lives. It’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls, or stomps through its door. Located in Chicago, Illinois and Waterloo, London, as well as pop-ups around the world, House of Vans is home to the creativity that moves us.

In the vaults under London’s busiest station, Blue Dot Generation will bring the ocean to the city. Driven by their passion to make a difference, Blue Dot will change people’s habits by helping them visualise the seriousness of the challenges all living things are facing. Although London is far from the sea, this immersive event will transform the relationship between humans and the oceans.

Entry is FREE

(certain events are ticketed, booking required)


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Wed 26 Sep – Sun 30 Sep 2018

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Wed 6pm – 10pm Fri 6pm – 12am Sat 10am – 5pm Sun 10am – 4pm

Upcoming Exhibition: Blue Dot Generation

Penelope Harrall is delighted to announce her participation in the upcoming events and exhibition with Blue Dot Generation. 

Blue Dot generation is a platform that promotes the use of the arts for education. Creating events that bring together artists, musicians, professionals and scientist. By engaging in local communities and inspiring international audiences through art, Blue Dot encourages change in the relationship between people and our blue planet. 

Penelope Harrall, will be performing, ‘You name it, we’ve dumped it’. A durational performance piece that tackles issues around an ever-growing concern of dumping plastic in our oceans. 

The Opening Event will take place on 26th September, find out more information via the link below.

Struggle Sessions

Along with fellow artist Gaganpreet Gil Kaur we have been exploring a new project ‘My Struggle Sessions’. Taking inspiration for the original sturggle sessions that happened in Tibet, they were a form of humiliation and torture used by the communist party of china in the Mao Zedong era (1945 - 1976) however the occasional illegal struggle sessions has happened since. The victim of a struggle session was forced to admit to various crimes before a crowd of people who would verbally and physically abuse the victim untill he or she confessed. 

 Using this as inspiration ‘My Struggle Sessions’ will explore our own personal inner stuggles and express them in public. Struggles we have due to society and how we feel within ourselves. It will become a series of performances around the city of Perth, stay tuned for more information to come.

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