Penelope Harrall

Sugar Series was a two year project consisting of video, photography and performance exploring the effects of sugar on the human body and mental state. 

It is scientifically proven that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and is a direct link to obesity, diabetes and even cancer but yet as a society we are still gorging in excess amounts of the dangerous substance. 

Harrall explores our obsession and the medias influence over us through over indulgent videos, hard hitting performances and intimidating photographs, creating a new form of Human, 'The Glucosapian' the next stage of human beings if we carry on with our consumerist society and over indulgence of sugar. 

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Video,  2015

Chubby and the Chocolate Factory

Video, 2015

Smother Me

Video, 2014

SUGAR: Pure, White and Sexy

Video, 2014


Glucosapian #2

Photograph, Dimensions Variable, 2014


Glucosapian #1

Photograph, Dimensions Variable, 2014

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